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We sell the world's most comfortable underwear and basic apparel.

Here at MeUndies, we design and manufacture the world's most comfortable men's and women's basic apparel, including socks, tees, and undies, and have been doing it for the past year and a half.  

Now, we need your help to take customer service to the next level.

After being in business for over a year, we think it is time to bring our online store and customer service into the future with live, face-to-face customer support. 

Face-to-face customer support.

By selling exclusively on our website, we cut out the middle men; mainstream manufacturers and brick and mortar stores, so our undies and basic apparel can be sold at half the price of our designer competitors without sacrificing comfort and quality. Since our launch last February we have been disrupting the underwear and basic apparel market, and we have seen tremendous growth through support by our loyal members and monthly subscribers. But we don't want to stop here!  Now that we have succeeded in making the world's most comfortable underwear, we want to raise the bar and create the most advanced online shopping experience the world has ever seen. With your help we can build the first ever live video customer support technology that will bring the ever elusive in store shopping experience to e-commerce! Customers like you will be able to chat with a live representative and get a feel for products like never before online. 


Innovation is in our DNA. Check out some of our past press: 


"MeUndies... sells T-shirts, underwear, and socks and sells them direct to consumers through its website. People can buy just one pair, or sign up for a subscription service which will send products quarterly at a discount. The idea is that people often need replacements for these basic products on a regular basis."

"...few have been willing to cross that ethical and moral line. Recently, however, one startup chose to break this unwritten rule in search of untapped audience and, perhaps, a hint of controversy along the way."

"Apparently [MeUndies] decided it still needs to do more to get men excited about replacing their boxers and briefs. So it’s launched an, ahem, cheeky Web video series—penned by notable TV writer Mark J. Kunerth (Roseanne, Friends, The Big C)—to give the site more exposure."

"Testing out their cheeky (no pun intended) new concept at our fave innovation station, ConfederacyMeUndies now delivers skivvies straight out of a cafeteria-style container. No, really."

"Everyone wants to wear art on his or her butt. Well, MeUndies allows you to do just that. The Los Angeles-based online apparel shop we told you about not long ago is at it again."

"Take advantage of MeUndies’ three pack, which includes light and breathable socks, antimicrobial underwear, and an organic cotton T-shirt."

"The focus here, it should be noted, is more on the packaging than the package. And that is also the message coming from some new underwear brands, like MeUndies, that are hiring models of less conventional beauty."















The Team

      Jonathan Shokrian

Our founder and CEO.  Jonathan had his e-commerce start early, becoming a Top 200 Ebay Seller when he was only 16.  With huge dreams for MeUndies and an unrivaled passion for success, his expertise with branding, product development and creative collaborations make MU the company to watch in the upcoming years.

          Noah Taubman

As one of the first hires at MeUndies, Noah has relished the opportunity to help the company grow in any way possible.  With a background in Politics and English, he has quickly become the underwear guru he always dreamed of.  Chances are that if it deals with MeUndies, Noah has had a hand in making it a reality. 

             Greg Fass

Greg is in charge of all press outreach, social media, customer relations, and advises marketing efforts. Prior to joining MeUndies, Greg worked for a startup PR Group where he handled press and outreach for Dollar Shave Club, DogVacay, MoPub, EverySignal, Ziplist, and Eventup. A proud Buff graduating from University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Economics, he loves snowboarding but is having a hard time finding good snow in Los Angeles. 

              Alex Zohar

Coming from the agency side, Alex joined MeUndies to lead all of the digital advertising efforts with the goal of efficiently growing online sales and increasing awareness of the brand. Prior to MeUndies, Alex worked for Razorfish in New York City on accounts such as Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works and GILT. Alex received his BA from the University of Michigan and is a proud Wolverine. ZOHAR!

               Dan King

Dan brings years of e-commerce experience to the team, now focusing his efforts on customer acquisition, partnerships, marketing, and business development at MeUndies. Years prior, he played an important role in a company that was acquired and later served for one of the fastest growing e-commerce start ups in Los Angeles. Dan was influenced by his time spent rooting for Bucky Badger at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, before moving on to a life of avocados and start ups in and throughout California.



We're beyond excited to bring our website to the next level, to keep shipping our incredibly comfy undies all around the world. And now we're asking you to help us out, in exchange for some truly sweet clothing you'll absolutely love.

What are you waiting for?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is live face-to-face customer service anyway?

    It connects you with a customer service representative from MeUndies that can show you products, sizes, styles, and give you real time information. Imagine the whole in-store experience manufactured online.

  • Why do you need to speak to someone about underwear?

    To get a visual answer from our underwear models, that otherwise couldn't be done through other customer service channels.

  • Where are the products made?

    Undies and Socks are made in Turkey. Tees are made in Los Angeles. Both with humane and environmentally friendly manufacturers.

  • Am I funding a business idea?

    MeUndies is an established brand, you are helping to fund a brand new technology to revolutionize e-commerce.

  • Can I get more MeUndies?

    Of course! We are an established brand and you can purchase our products directly from our website.

  • Where can I learn more about MeUndies?

  • Are they comfortable?

    Made from 92% Modal, they are the most comfortable undies in the world. Guaranteed.

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